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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 28: Emotionally Intelligent Families

Welcome to episode twenty-eight of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, we speak to Taylor Ross about raising an emotionally intelligent family.

Taylor Ross is a Trauma-Informed Parenting Consultant who works with clients online and in her Northern California office. She provides an empathic space, practical tools, and knowledge of the current research to help parents support their children and foster an emotionally intelligent family culture. Taylor Ross’ passion for supporting the emotional wellbeing of families has led her to seek a unique variety of trainings. She is a U-Mass Boston Early Childhood Mental Health graduate, has certificates in Buddhist Psychology and Meditation, and Non-Violent Parenting and Education. She is in her third year of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Training and has been trained in Mediation and Parenting Coordination. Through support, information, and hard work, she strives to help transform difficult dynamics and behaviors into rich, connected family relationships.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How Taylor became interested in supporting parents
  • What it means to be an emotionally intelligent family
  • The need for compassion as we go through this important work
  • Understanding the deeper truths about parenting
  • Learning to take responsibility of our nervous system
  • How the needs of parents play into this dynamic
  • Coping with your emotional triggers
  • Setting our lives in a way we can be more successful





Episode 27: Partnership Communication 101

Welcome to episode twenty-seven of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, we speak to Avi Klein, LSCW, about the emotional states he regularly sees in couples expecting a baby, how he gets couples to connect through this difficult period, and how to improve intimacy after having a child.

Avi is a psychotherapist, father of two, and lifelong New Yorker practicing in Union Square. He has been working with men, women and couples since 2009 after graduating from the Columbia University School of Social Work. Ten years ago, he began working with homeless families in San Francisco and realized how powerful it was to work on behalf of people—hearing their stories, witnessing their resilience, and participating in their growth and healing. He became a psychotherapist after experiencing firsthand the power of a strong therapeutic relationship. As his practice developed, he came to recognize how fundamental relationships are to the way people make sense of their world and has focused on helping people nourish themselves and their relationships.

While studying at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, Avi also worked in outpatient mental health clinics in Chelsea and Upper Manhattan. Prior to starting his own practice, Avi helped run one of the first programs dedicated to working specifically with young adults with severe mental illnesses—St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. While there, he also co-lead a yoga and meditation group and began to appreciate the importance of working with both mind and body as a psychotherapist. Avi is trained in AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), two forms of therapy that emphasize the power of emotion, healing & transformation in relationships. His work also borrows from narrative therapy, mindfulness and body-oriented therapies. He has a special interest in supporting new families and is currently working on a workshop to support new and expectant parents as well as other educational programs for adults to support emotional well-being.


What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The emotional states Avi regularly sees from couples expecting a baby
  • How Avi gets couples to connect through this difficult period
  • The ways in which Avi helps couples to show up authentically to each other
  • The need for vulnerability to help with communication
  • How to clear some of the issues that have arisen in the past
  • The need to have repair between a couple
  • Navigating arguments and not letting them get nasty
  • How to improve intimacy after having a child
  • Learning to be grateful and thankful to each other




Episode 26: Cultivating More Joy in Motherhood

Welcome to episode twenty-six of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Claire speaks with Kathleen Harper about cultivating more joy in motherhood.

Kathleen Ann Harper is the author of two books, The Well-Crafted Mom and Signs of a Happy Baby. In her life coaching groups for moms and in her one-on-one coaching practice, Kathleen integrates coaching support with creative activities to help moms manage the transitions and challenges of motherhood. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Francisco State University in Integrative Healing, a specialized major that incorporated studies in psychology, philosophy and religion, holistic health, and kinesiology. Kathleen is married to William Paul White, her co-author on the baby sign language book, Signs of a Happy Baby. They are parents to two boys who both still sign.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How Kathleen came to be working in this field
  • The way in she cultivated joy into her life
  • How to best allocate small amounts of free time in your life
  • Learning to accept and be comfortable with your vulnerabilities
  • How our modern lives can leave us with analysis paralysis
  • The best ways to manage expectations
  • Understanding that your self-care helps you care for others
  • The concept of inner circle friends



To get a free copy of Kathleen’s book, The Well-Crafted Mom, email her at: thewellcraftedmom@gmail.com with the word “book” in the subject line!

Episode 25: Ritual & Self-Care in Pregnancy

Welcome to episode twenty-five of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Sophie speaks to Susan Bradford about the ritual and self-care during pregnancy.

Susan Bradford, LVN, CHD, CCE, CHT, is a holistic perinatal educator, Certified Holistic Doula (retired), Certified Hypnotherapist and Birth Ceremonialist. She began her passionate path into childbirth in the early 1970s. Susan has a background in Ob/Gyn nursing and midwifery training. Since 1990, she has offered her services in Marin County, California. Besides various childbirth related classes, she also offers pregnant mothers’ circles, Birth Blessings & Welcoming Ceremonies, birth art sessions, and private consultations. Susan is a Certified Hypnotherapist offering support in all childbirth related issues. Of all the things she has done in her life, she is most proud of being the mother of a delightful and creative adult daughter.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why ritual practices are important during pregnancy
  • The importance of return and coming back to one’s self
  • Carving out space and time for ritualistic work
  • The kinds of ceremonies pregnant women can do
  • How gifts and acts of symbolism can be very important
  • The value of a closure ceremony
  • What pregnant women can do when they are on their own
  • How finding out about your own birth can prepare for pregnancy







Episode 24: Modern Day Mothering

Welcome to episode twenty-four of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Melissa speaks with Beth Berry who is a writer, whole life coach, mother of four daughters and a devotee of the sacred feminine.

If you’re someone who aspires to live from your heart, cares deeply about the state of the world, and believes in the transformative power of personal growth, you’re in the right place. Even if you only identify with some of these characteristics, Beth invites you to make yourself at home, try on a new idea or two, and let your curiosity lead you.

Six years ago, when Beth first moved her family abroad (for a total of four years), she began writing about the richness, beauty, and mystery all around her. She fell deeply in love with southern Mexico, her people and the slower pace of life. As her mind was blown and her heart softened by the experience, she began to notice a richness, beauty, and mystery being awakened within her, too.

Turns out that inner exploration is her very favorite kind.

Since then, Beth has journeyed through regions of her inner landscape that she never even knew existed. Beth learned to be gentle and nurturing with the particularly sensitive parts, shone light into places she’d long been avoiding, deconstructed the walls around her heart, and learned to trust the guidance of her soul.

Though it’s been hard work (and quite painful at times), Beth now has access to peace, joy, and connection that were previously unavailable to her. She has healed the relationship with herself, which has proven invaluable in her relationship with others. 

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How Beth became inspired to write her blog
  • Her positive experience of being a mother at 17 years of age
  • How western culture has too much expectation on women after birth
  • The need to slow down when nurturing a new born
  • Ways in which to avoid the pit falls of modern day motherhood
  • The vital role family plays when going through this process
  • Learning to say no and not feeling guilty about it
  • Tips and thoughts on how best to handle modern day motherhood



Episode 23: Seven Life-Changing Divorced Co-Parenting Skills

Welcome to episode twenty-three of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Claire speaks to Alisa Jaffe Holleron about thriving as a divorced co-parent. Alisa Jaffe Holleron is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of California. She earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Jane Addams School of… Continue Reading

Episode 22: Motherhood and Anger

  Welcome to episode twenty of the Honest Mamas Podcast, todaySophie and Claire talk about anger.  What you’ll hear in this episode How anger is an intense but useful emotion Why does anger appear so frequently in mothering? The taboo that exists around anger and how women express it The importance to have a shared… Continue Reading

Episode 21: A Mother’s Story: Raising a Transgender Son

Welcome to episode twenty-one of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, we speak to Janna Barkin about her book “He’s Always Been My Son.” Janna and her husband Gabriel live and thrive in Marin County, California. Together they’ve raised three wonderful children, Travis, Emily and Amaya. Janna was born in New York City and graduated from… Continue Reading

Episode 19: Mindful Mothering

Welcome to episode nineteen of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, our guest is Rose Snyder, Ed.M., Psy.D. Rose has worked in a variety of settings with clients from preschool all the way through older adult. She believes that her exposure and understanding of different stages of development helps in her work with all of her… Continue Reading

Episode 18: Finding Your Voice of Wisdom

Welcome to episode eighteen of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, we speak to Brahmani Liebman about the process of a mom finding herself again after having children. Brahmani Liebman, MSEd, is an internationally recognized yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition. She founded The Rivertown Center for Yoga and Health and was director and head teacher… Continue Reading

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