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Honest Mamas is dedicated to honoring your emotional and spiritual realities as a mom. We aim to help you feel more valued and empowered in your life. Join us and learn more about how we all experience this wild ride of motherhood—in similar and unique ways! We hope you listen and leave with new ideas and an expanded perspective, as well as more self-love and love for other moms.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 48: Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

Welcome to episode forty-eight of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Melissa speaks to Allison Purer, LCSW about the work / life balance as a successful entrepreneur.

Allison specializes in helping people recover from eating disorders, sexual trauma, and anxiety disorders. She has worked with people struggling with these issues since 1998 and has seen clients work through them and live healthy, happy lives full of meaning. She is firm but compassionate and is committed to her clients’ healing.

Eating disorders take over your life. Allison’s clients find themselves in a cycle of feeling not good enough then virtuous for choosing the “right” food then back to feeling not good enough. Sometimes they purge. Sometimes they over-exercise. Sometimes they binge. Sometimes they restrict. These behaviors feel like they help in the moment but by the time clients call her, they realize they don’t have the life they keep trying to earn through thinness/fitness/”admirable self-control.” Her clients look like they have it all together and barely anyone knows they’re struggling.

Allison’s clients want to stop thinking about food and bodies so much. They want to stop comparing themselves to other women. Part of them wants to be able to order what sounds good, eat it, and not think about it again but they’re also terrified to let go.


What you’ll hear in this episode


  • How Allison handles family life and being an entrepreneur
  • The need to disconnect from social media to have better family time
  • Creating a business model that works around your life
  • Understanding that financial gain doesn’t guarantee happiness
  • Overcoming post-partum depression
  • Milk sharing; ways new mamas can help each other out
  • How strict work boundaries can help you be more productive
  • Tips for women who are looking for a change in career 




Episode 49: The Fourth Trimester & Undoing Aloneness

Welcome to episode forty-nine of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Melissa speaks to Jessica Slatus about the fourth trimester.

Jessica Slatus is a licensed clinical social worker and has been working with adults, adolescents, children, and families for over ten years. She earned her Master’s degree in Social Work at New York University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies from Vassar College. Jessica is also trained in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and is a Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor.

In addition to her general practice, Jessica specializes in working with individuals struggling with eating, exercise, and body image problems. She was trained at the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia in New York City, where she also worked as a staff therapist.  While her approach is primarily experiential and emotion-focused, Jessica incorporates elements of behavioral therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, into her work as needed.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • What is the fourth trimester?
  • Jessica’s personal experience of the fourth trimester
  • The need for a wise elder through this process
  • Why it’s important to undo aloneness
  • How most people find it difficult to communicate effectively with their partners about what they need
  • Practical tools and tips to help new moms deal with the fourth trimester
  • The need and benefit to tell your story with other moms to help each other through the fourth trimester



Episode 47: The NICU Experience

Welcome to episode forty-seven of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Melissa speaks to Dr. Shelly Steinwurtzel about the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) experience.

Dr. Shelly Steinwurtzel is a New York state licensed clinical psychologist who has been working with children, adolescents, and adults since 2004 in their pursuit of lasting positive change.

After receiving her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Brandeis University, she worked as a Research Coordinator at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. While clinical research was of interest, Shelly knew she wanted to pursue a career helping children, adolescents, and adults through more individualized, clinical interventions founded on strong theoretical and evidence-based underpinnings.

Shelly earned her Masters of Education and Doctorate in Psychology focusing on School and Clinical Psychology at Pace University in lower Manhattan.  She has worked in elementary, and middle school settings as well as multiple NYC hospital systems with people of diverse socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. In addition to clinical and academic work, Shelly supervised and taught undergraduate and graduate students during her Fellowship year as the Assistant Director of the McShane Center for Psychological Services at Pace University.

Currently, Shelly is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical Psychology at Columbia University Medical Center working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and consulting with the Perinatal and Neonatal Comfort/Palliative Care Program. She is instrumental in helping parents and family members (siblings, grandparents…) as they navigate the joys and traumas of having a baby born early, or with medical complications, and sometimes, life-limiting conditions.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • What led Shelly to work with families and staff in the NICU
  • The things Shelly has learnt since working in the NICU
  • Ways in which to seek out emotional support through this process
  • Being open to support from other parents in a similar situation
  • How feelings of being out of control can increase anxiety
  • Being open to conversation about the best course for your baby
  • Working through the transition of leaving the NICU




Episode 46: Your Baby & Sleep

Welcome to episode forty-six of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Melissa speaks with Brook Nalle about the issues surrounding your baby and sleep.

At Bank Street’s Graduate School of Education, Brooke (MS Ed. 2003) learned to apply a developmental lens to her teaching and curriculum design. When she founded Sleepy On Hudson in 2009, she brought and applied this training to infant, baby, and toddler sleep.

She is one of Kim West’s first 50 Gentle Sleep Coaches and has worked with over 1,500 families with children of all ages.  Brooke specializes in creating and affirming behavioral routines that are right for your child’s developmental picture and of course are sensitive to his temperament.

In addition to her work with infant and babies, Brooke especially enjoys working with toddlers and can help you through this rocky sleep period.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The most common sleep issues Brooke comes across
  • The need for a good routine to help with a baby’s sleep
  • Learning not to be too hard on yourself around this issue
  • Knowing what’s developmentally appropriate
  • Why you can’t put a baby to sleep on their belly if they can’t do it on their own
  • Making sure to properly use techniques such as swaddling correctly
  • Set realistic expectations and goals
  • Learning to work with sleep consultants through this process




Episode 45: Surviving Motherhood Overwhelm

Welcome to episode forty-five of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Sophie speaks with Shawn Fink. Shawn has been called the “Yoda of Mamas” and is her 5th year of the Abundant Mama, her blog which has evolved into a 4-week program.

She has placed over 1500 mamas onto a path of building an abundant life practice using “soul”-care (her definition of self-care), learning to trust and let go, and making time for play.

The Abundant Mama® Project is on a mission to bring JOYFUL energy to overwhelmed, highly sensitive moms all over the world. Being wholeheartedly present, peaceful and playful while nailing the work-life-parenting balance role is HARD.  It’s even harder for those of us who are highly sensitive.

This project is all about empowering moms to follow their dreams and live the kind of mom you dream of being. YOU get to design motherhood YOUR way through our resources, inspiration, support and encouragement.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How Shawn became interested in this line of work
  • The issues around motherhood overwhelm
  • Triggers and the ways they affect highly sensitive people
  • The physical responses our bodies have to issues of nervousness
  • Ways in which mothers can support themselves through overwhelm
  • Managing the post-partem years
  • The importance and need to mother and care for ourselves
  • Practical tips for mothers dealing with these issues



Episode 44: The Power of In-Home Postpartum Medical Care

Welcome to episode forty-four of the Honest Mamas Podcast. Today, Claire speaks with Eva Zasloff, MD, about the power of in-home postpartum medical care. Dr. Zasloff is a board-certified family doctor. She received her undergraduate degree at Barnard College, Columbia University and her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She completed her medical residency… Continue Reading

Episode 43: Eating Disorders and Motherhood

Welcome to episode forty-three of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, Melissa speaks to Dr. Nazanin Moali about eating disorders on the motherhood journey. Dr. Nazanin Moali is a sex and relationship expert and has helped many individuals and couples improve their sex lives and restore and achieve deep and passionate connections with their partners. In… Continue Reading

Episode 42: Rediscovering Our Sexuality as Mothers

Welcome to episode forty-two of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, Sophie speaks to Lacey Broussard about rediscovering our sexuality as mothers. Lacey works with people who want to experience better, more connected sex and have satisfying relationships. She uses deep transformational tools and techniques based in modern coaching modalities, tantra, and Taoist practices to help… Continue Reading

Episode 40: Finding Strength Through My Son’s Cancer Diagnosis

Welcome to episode forty of the Honest Mamas Podcast! Today, Melissa speaks to Alexa Wilding about finding strength through her son’s cancer diagnosis. Alexa is a musician, writer, and a twin mama. Tagged “the neo-Stevie Nicks” by The New York Times, Alexa’s third album “Wolves” (2016) was called “an intimate howl” by Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter. The… Continue Reading

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