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Welcome to our Just for You page. This is a place to practice and learn about wonderful self-care strategies, find inspiration, and spend time honoring the hardest working woman you know: yourself.

Honest Mamas is my answer


This month, Honest Mamas invites you to write yourself a love note.

A love note to myself, you ask?

Absolutely, because who knows your triumphs and struggles better than the person on the front lines of your experience? Who better to reflect back to you your inner beauty and appreciate the commitments you keep?

We will take your love note and create a REAL postcard that we will deliver to you in the mail. That way, at a time in the future when you might need a boost, the note will arrive. If you are feeling generous, check the Share With the HM Community box and we will pass on your words of self-support to inspire other mothers like you.

Putting positive feelings or grounding messages down in writing can make them last and come to mind more easily when you most need them.

Don’t worry, Honest Mamas will never share any of your personal information with third parties.

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