Is Nothing Sacred?

Is Nothing Sacred?

Is Nothing Sacred?

This week, I am struggling. Struggling to stay grounded in the face of all the negative world events and the feeling that the safety and sanity of our institutions is being undermined. I am feeling soul sick about how we as a country and as a species are holding ourselves and the most sacred realities of our human lives—loving one another, protecting one another, keeping our planet healthy, attempting to live with acceptance, and with the hope for transformation.

To the normal struggles of motherhood, I feel the added weight of how to comprehend some of the political and social choices being made in our country. There are moments lately, when I worry that I made a mistake bringing children into our world. Did I make a mistake? What do my children have to look forward to? A warming world with no polar bears? A world where the forests are owned by corporations not “We the People?” A world where women’s bodies are legislated? A world where people deny the Holocaust? A world where civility is abandoned in the name of freedom? A world where we value profits over people? A world without sacrifice? A world of materialism? A world where we deny the power and necessity of emotional intelligence? A world where we act like it isn’t the same blood and organs living beneath different hues of skin? A world of the “other?” A world where we are disconnected? A world where I can’t be sure my brown children will be viewed as “real Americans?” A world where differences are bad?


These thoughts swirl in my mind late at night when I’m trying to sleep after nursing my sweet baby. And then I tell myself to breathe…to ground and to remember that the Sacred is deeper and more intelligent than we are. Yes, many tragedies and injustices exists, but I believe goodness is bigger and stronger, and I choose to focus on that aspect of humanity. And though I trust in God and in goodness, I know that human actions are part of God’s love incarnate. So I will be in action. I will use right action to soothe my soul. In different ways and in different forums…one day at a time.

As women, we know how to go on. We know how to overcome fatigue and fear to make things better and to get the job done. Our jobs are suddenly bigger because I believe the global community is now our collective child. We can be part of bringing feminine strength and ferocious love to the fore at a time of strife and great change. I will practice in my own heart and with my children. In the face of fear I will teach, I will embrace, I will appreciate, I will take risks, I will speak truth to power…I will love even those I don’t agree with because it is the only path to wholeness.

A day or so after I had my first child, we went on our first outing to the grocery store…and it was terrifying. The world was so so big, and he was so so small. I felt a sense of existential dread, worry about how he would ever be safe in a world so big and so complex. But then I thought of my own mother and the risk she took to bring me into this world and I felt gratitude. She took the risk of getting her heart broken should something, God forbid, happen to me. She opened herself to the possibility of loss, and to the possibility of my suffering, to give me a chance to strive and struggle and love on this planet. To live a life and to experience its agonies and ecstasies. So, right now, when I’m sad and scared, I tell myself that some of life’s greatest lessons come during times like these. May we open ourselves to them, learn deeply and include our children in the hard work of transforming our society into one we can be proud of, full stop.

Claire Colaço, co-founder of Honest Mamas

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