Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Honest Mamas community!

This website has been created to help support women from around the world emerge and grow into motherhood.
We welcome all configurations of family, birth choices, and parenting styles. We are a group of diverse women and encourage our honest mamas to find what works for them and their families.
Please be involved. Ask questions, answer fellow mothers, share your wisdom—we want an active community. We do ask you to keep in the mind the following:
  • Although the HM team is made up of licensed psychotherapists, we are not practicing psychotherapy here. If you are in need of professional support, please find a local mental health provider. Here is a link:
  • Respect and kindness are the two values we hold most highly here. Please find a way to share your authentic voice with those values in mind. Moderators will remove those that cannot uphold these values.
  • Please keep postings and questions relevant to our group (fertility, pregnancy, birthing, parenting). Refrain from posting solicitations. They will be deleted and if it continues, the member will be removed. If you want to be included in the HM directory of providers, please contact us directly at

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Honest Mama’s team, at

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