Claire R. Colaço, LMFT

claire-108I am an Oregon born, Idaho raised, New York City educated woman who wears many hats: wife, mother of two, friend, sister, therapist and overall big-hearted lover of life. I am interested in ways people heal and grow; ways we connect and how the sacred manifests in everyday life. I value honesty and self-knowledge…and loyalty, loyalty is big. If peanut butter became the “national food” I would be happy. I am inspired by stories of survival and redemption. I’ve learned that a big heart comes with big feelings. Almost every day is a day I shed a few tears about something…someone’s hurt, the intense love I feel for my family, how crazy this world is, my own frustration. And I’m ok with that!

Motherhood is a trip. I’ve learned our tribe of mothers is full of warriors. We all do it differently but some things bind us together through time for always: intense love, fear, fatigue, and the ecstasy of looking into our children’s eyes knowing they are everything.

As a mother, I have never felt better or worse about myself. Overall, I am a really great mother. That said, some of my mothering days have been filled with a lot of struggle and I have made many mistakes. I can honestly say I never thought it would be so hard.  But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. My kids are my heartbeat.

So, even though I would do it again, despite the hardships, I helped start Honest Mamas because I think my journey would have been easier with a community of mothers telling the truth about this path. To me, motherhood is a spiritual path and I wished for more support along the way—guidance, holding, ritual, honest sharing of the shadow and the light. As a therapist, I am in awe over the intense psychological changes that take place in pregnancy and motherhood that are not spoken about almost anywhere in our society. Over the last three years, I have asked myself countless times: “Is this normal? Am I normal?”

I got involved in Honest Mamas to share real stories, grounded information, and trusted tools to those of us doing one of the hardest jobs on the planet with no pay and little validation beyond a Hallmark holiday. By “mothering” I speak to the job of all primary caregivers, just to be clear. Honest Mamas is my answer to the woman in me that felt frightened and alone during the hardest parts of this process. To her I say: “You are normal. This is incredibly hard. You are stunning in your love. And you are not alone.”

In my heart, I bow to each one of you.

Welcome Honest Mama!

Would you like to join us?

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