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Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.43.04 AMBecoming an Honest Mama is as easy as taking one slow, deep breath and feeling into your body…because that is how you begin to tune into your deeper self, hear the truths in your heart, and discover what you really want and need. There is nothing more honest than what is happening this very moment inside of you.

It is difficult to know where to go, what steps to take, or where exactly you are headed until you know where you really are right now. Many of us forget, or may never have experienced, the richness available in each moment when we bring awareness to our lived experience.

Therefore, we created a guided meditation for mamas wanting to initiate or sustain this deep connection to self. This meditation is incredibly relaxing and uniquely nourishing!

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15 Honest Mama Daily Practices:

  1. Claire-reverseTake time to honor your feelings
  2. Know that setting boundaries is necessary and worthwhile
  3. Put your oxygen mask on first (self-soothe) before you try to help others
  4. Fire your inner critic!
  5. Notice when you judge or compare with other mothers
  6. Do what feels good – don’t forget what you enjoy!
  7. Let go of getting it “right”
  8. Value your intuition
  9. Remember that motherhood is full of seasons – it changes constantly
  10. When you feel unclear about something, stop and wait
  11. Focus on what you are doing well!
  12. When you feel stuck, breathe
  13. Remember all the women that came before you…you are not alone!
  14. Gather supportive people around you and prioritize positive connections
  15. Trust that cultivating more love and gratitude for yourself benefits your children immensely

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