Honest Mamas is a website committed to the authentic emotional and spiritual lives of mothers. The focus of the site is the journey of motherhood, including fertility and pregnancy. It is an online community that supports women during these transitional and transformational times, when grounded, positive and honest information is vital to their emotional well being. Honest Mamas is a place to be real, witnessed, celebrated, and comforted.

As new mothers, the three creators of Honest Mamas, all licensed psychotherapists, found a huge gap in the “industry of support” around pregnancy and motherhood.  Many of the top websites for pregnant women and new moms primarily focused on baby/child development, parenting advice, products and gear, baby names, etc. Very few resources were available to support the emotional and spiritual changes they were going through—each longed for a safe place to be heard and to hear the authentic voices of other mothers in struggle and in celebration. Honest Mamas was created to fill this gap with a holding space free of judgment where deep thinking and feeling moms can gather to find resources, support, and community.

Honest Mamas is the epicenter of a new, collective holding for generations of empowered mothers.

Meet the Founding Honest Mamas

Sophie Darch McEntee, LMFT


My name is Sophie Darch McEntee and I believe that when mothers awaken to their power and worth there will be a revolution.
Becoming an empowered mother requires a lot of honesty and support; that’s what Honest Mamas seeks to provide.


Claire R. Colaço, LMFT


My name is Claire Colaço. Honest Mamas is about authentic self-awareness and truth telling – honoring what is rather than what we wish would be. It’s about knowing the struggles of our lives are as valuable as the successes, and often teach us more.


Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT


Becoming a mother can be a time of enormous powerful change. Honest Mamas helps women find their full potential, their authentic voice, and love themselves more deeply. This has been my path as a mother. My name is Melissa Divaris Thompson.


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