As mothers and licensed therapists, we know how important it is for you to feel emotionally nourished and supported…we know how deeply we all need to be mothered sometimes.

That’s why we created Honest Mamas Signature eCourse: A Practical Course in Mothering Ourselves.

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Is Nothing Sacred?

Is Nothing Sacred?

Is Nothing Sacred? This week, I am struggling. Struggling to stay grounded in the face of all the negative world events and the feeling that the safety and sanity of our institutions is being undermined. I am feeling soul sick about how we as a country and as a species are holding ourselves and the… Continue Reading

Mothers Rising Strong

Mothers Rising Strong

Honest Mamas is a socially conscious, women owned and operated business that, in addition to being a website devoted to the well being of mothers everywhere, considers itself a forum for social advocacy. This summer, the Honest Mamas team was invited by Traci Ruble, founder of Psyched in San Francisco, to collaborate on a video… Continue Reading

We Are All Family

We Are All Family

It is not easy being a human right now. Turn one way – BAM! A new terrorist attack on innocent civilians. Turn another way – BAM! People of color being targeted and terrorized on our streets by those sworn to protect them. Turn yet again – BAM! Your own privilege (or lack of privilege) slaps… Continue Reading

Meet the Founding Honest Mamas


My name is Sophie Darch McEntee and I believe that when mothers awaken to their power and worth there will be a revolution.
Becoming an empowered mother requires a lot of honesty and support; that’s what Honest Mamas seeks to provide.


My name is Claire Colaço. Honest Mamas is about authentic self-awareness and truth telling – honoring what is rather than what we wish would be. It’s about knowing the struggles of our lives are as valuable as the successes, and often teach us more.


Becoming a mother can be a time of enormous powerful change. Honest Mamas helps women find their full potential, their authentic voice, and love themselves more deeply. This has been my path as a mother. My name is Melissa Divaris Thompson.

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